Adding a New Case to the GOJO Case List

After a new matter sub-site has been created in SharePoint, add it to the GOJO Case List

When we create a new case sub-site in SharePoint, we must add that new sub-site to our GOJO Case List. This procedure details how to perform that important step.

WARNING! If you fail to add a newly created case or matter sub-site to the GOJO Case List, the resulting confusion could cause someone to create a second sub-site for that new matter!

Adding a New Case to the GOJO Case List:

[Note: This Procedure assumes that you have already created a new sub-site for a case or matter. For the procedure detailing how to do that, click here.]

  1. Right-click this link: new case subsite to open that page in a separate window, and split-screen that window across from these instructions.
  2. Scroll down and click on the name of the new case to navigate to that new subsite.
  3. When the new case subsite opens, click the gear icon.
  4. Click “Site contents,” then scroll down to click on “Site pages.
  5. Find the Landing Page, and double click it. Once it opens, copy the URL for the landing page from the browser address bar. [Note: If you are having trouble navigating to a new case subsite’s home (landing) page, it can be found by navigating to the Case Site Collection Subsite List from the menu on the left once you have logged in to SharePoint.]
  6. Navigate to the GOJO Case List page, then—
    1. New cases: If the case is being opened as a new case (rather than an existing case that is being migrated from the Phenom server to SharePoint), then:
      1. Click on +New and add the information for each item of metadata on the form that pops up.
      2. Under the Case Name in “Enter a URL” paste the URL for the landing page of the new case subsite.
      3. The full title of the case name should be typed into the box labeled “Enter display text.”
      4. Then click return.”
    2. Migrated (older) cases: If the case is one that was previously stored on the Phenom server and is being migrated from the Phenom server to SharePoint, then it should already be on the GOJO Case List, but is hidden from view because the default view for that list is “Open SharePoint Cases.” The “SharePoint?” tag on such a case must be switched to “Yes,” as follows:
      1. Locate that case in the SharePoint Full Case List list (using the Search box), select that item, and open the information pane.
      2. Check “Yes” in the “SharePoint” column.
      3. Click on the Case Name metadata field.
      4. Paste the URL which you copied in step 3, above.