Adding Users to SharePoint Groups

Instructions on how to add users to unique SharePoint groups for a particular case or matter.


Once you have created a new sub-site for a new case or matter in SharePoint, you will need to add users to individual groups. 

Adding Users to SharePoint Groups:

  1. Navigate to the sub-site (Case Site) in which you wish to add users.
  2. Click the “gear” icon in the SharePoint ribbon.
  3. Click “Site settings.”
  4. Click “People and Groups.”
  5. Click on “Groups” in the upper left corner.
  6. Navigate to the Group Name to which you wish to add users, such as “[Case Name] Client,” “[Case Name] Opposing Counsel” and “[Case Name] Witness.”
  7. Select “New,” and add the email addresses of the new users in the box next to “Invite People.”
  8. Click “Share.”

Congratulations! You have completed this procedure.