Changing Case Site Template in SharePoint

How to change the master template from which new case sites are generated in SharePoint

This procedure lists the steps to make changes to the Case Site Template from which we generate new case subsites in SharePoint.

WARNING! Do not make changes to the Case Site Template without authorization from the Firm's management!

Changing the Case Site Template (Case Template Source)

  1. Navigate to the Case Template Source page.
  2. Make the changes that are needed. (Note: The Director of Litigation Support keeps a running list of changes that have been requested. Make sure that all such changes have been authorized by the Firm.)
  3. Click on the gear icon; then click “Site settings
  4. Under “Site Actions” click “Save site as template.”
  5. In the “File Name” box, enter “Case Site Template V[xx]” where “xx” is the next consecutive template revision number. (Note: if you do not know the next version number, go to the “Case Site Template Management List” page (which SharePoint calls the “solution gallery” page, and review the “Case Site Template” numbers. Your number will be the highest number, plus one.)
  6. In the “Name and Description” box, input the same name as in the previous step, above.
  7. In the “Description” box, list the major changes that have been made.
  8. Check the “Include Content” box.
  9. Click “OK.”
  10. Be patient. This takes Microsoft a few minutes to process. It never takes more than 5 minutes. When the process is complete, you will see a page that states “[File Name] Operation Completed Successfully.”
  11. Click on the “solution gallery” link.
  12. Click on the new version, and it will download to your computer, either in your “Downloads” folder or to your desktop, depending upon how your browser is set.
  13. Return to the “Case Site Template Management List.”
  14. Under the “SOLUTIONS” tab, click “Upload Solution.”
  15. Click “Choose file,” and navigate to the version that was stored on your computer after you completed in the previous step, and either double-click that file or highlight it and click “Open.”
  16. Click “OK.”
  17. In the box that opens (after a brief delay), click “Activate.” Then click “Close.” (Note: If the version does not show as “Activated” under “Status,” hover over the version number you just created, and a drop-down menu icon will appear. Click on “Activate” and repeat this process.)
  18. Deactivate the previous template version(s) by hovering over them, and on the drop-down menu icon that appears, click “Deactivate,” then on the box that appears, click “Deactivate” then click “Close.”

Your new template is now ready to use.

Key Information Box: To make a new case sub-site with your newly created template, see our Procedure: Adding a New Case Subsite to SharePoint.