Revision History
Date of Publication Summary of Revision
February 22, 2021

Changed hot-keys to accomodate Microsoft changes to keyboard shortcuts; Corrected issue with numbered paragraphs, which now use [CMD]F1 and [CMD]F2 for double and single spacing.

Inserting a Table of Contents
  1. At the bottom of the caption, click Insert → Break Section break (next page).
  2. At the top of the page following the caption (the first page of Section 2), type “Table of Contents” in small caps and center it.
  3. Position your cursor below the title you just added.
  4. Click References on the ribbon.
  5. At the far left side of the ribbon, click Table of Contents.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu that appears and click Custom Table of Contents.
  7. Make sure that From template is selected.
  8. Click OK and check the format of your new table of contents. (Don’t forget to update the table if you change the text of the brief.)
  9. In the footer of Section 2, change the page numbering for the newly inserted section to lower case roman numerals.
  10. Check the box for Different first page for the section containing your tables of contents and authorities.
  11. Beneath your tables of contents and authorities, click Insert → Break Section break (next page).
  12. In the footer of the main section of the brief, change he page number format to numerals beginning with 1.
  13. Uncheck the Different first page box for this main section of your brief.
Downloading and Installing Templates
  1. Close Word.
  2. Click on the menu above to download the Global, Memorandum and Letterhead Template(s).
  3. Click anywhere on your desktop to switch to Finder.
  4. Hold down the [OPTION] key while clicking “Go” on the top menu bar, then click Library.
  5. Click Group Containers → UBF8T346G9.Office → User Content → Templates.
  6. Delete all old, unused templates from the Templates folder.
  7. In a new Finder window, open your Downloads folder.
  8. Drag your newly downloaded templates from Downloads to Templates.
    Remove version number from Normal.dotm: The new version you just downloaded may have a version number added to the title. This will prevent the new template from serving as the Global Template. If so, rename the new version Normal.dotm with no version number.
  9. Click Replace when the dialogue box appears.
  10. Open Word and test your templates.